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Food Liaison is no longer offering consulting services or publishing FOODfind Food Law on Disc



After 20 years of consulting to the food industry Food Liaison has many successful applications to Food Standards Australia New Zealand.  Some of our more recent successful applications to Food Standards Australia New Zealand include:

  • A600   Agarose resin as a processing aid for beer
  • A579   Country of Origin - Print size for unpackaged food in display cabinets
  • A577   Addition of Calcium to 'Sugar-free' Chewing Gum
  • A522   DHA-rich micro-algal oil from Ulkenia sp. as a novel food
  • A424   Calcium in juices

Food Liaison: Food Legulation Consultants and Publishers Australia and  New ZealandJim Gruber, former Principal Food Technologist with Food Standards Australia New Zealand, joined Food Liaison in 2010 bringing recent application assessment experience. This adds to the 20 years experience David Panasiak has in writing applications.

Apart from applications to amend the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, Food Liaison can:

  • assist with making submissions to existing applications and proposals
  • advise and assist with labelling issues
  • advise and assist with import and export issues
  • offer expert advice of food regulation and policy matters
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